Houston Chronicle

Special education investigation
Part 1: How Texas quietly keeps tens of thousands of disabled kids out of special education
Part 2: Schools push students out of special ed to comply with cap
Part 3: Mentally ill lose out as special ed declines
Part 4: Non-English speakers increasingly shut out of special ed
Part 5: Unable to get special ed in Texas, one family moved
Part 6: Houston schools systematically block kids from special ed
Part 7: Texas's special ed cap drives families out of public schools
Impact: Parents call for federal action at listening session, Feds order Texas to end special ed cap, Officials end special ed cap, Houston special ed chief resigns and Lawmakers start effort to fix special ed

"Jesus Shot" investigation
"Jesus Shot" at center of Texas agriculture commissioner's controversial, taxpayer-funded trip
Ag commissioner's office withheld emails about "Jesus Shot" trip
Ag commissioner used state, campaign funds on trip to compete in rodeo
Impact: State police open probe into ag commissioner's travel for "Jesus shot," rodeo

Tuition perk investigation
Friends, coworkers of state officials got free tuition, other perks
State spent $30M on tuitions under program’s loose rules
Impact: Health official resigns, TxDOT suspends tuition program and Texas to limit spending on tuition

State contracting investigation
State stretched no-bid contracting program to help local company
E-mails: State official privately derided tech firm while publicly promoting it
Popular state purchasing program lacks oversight, competition
No-bid ‘emergency’ contract could cost Texas $965 million
Impact: State official resigns, Investigations begin, Powerful Texas health director to resign, Fifth official resigns over contract scandal and Lawmakers pass sweeping state contracting reform

Government accountability coverage
Texas officials frequently ignore hiring law for friends, campaign workers
State politicians hand out millions in bonuses to employees who leave soon after
Land Office spends $1 million to pay ex-workers for not suing over their terminations
Inside the probe into Trump University that Abbott's office launched and then ended

Border surge coverage
Disorder at the border
Justification for Texas border surge was false, statistics show
Border surge harming crime fighting in other parts of Texas, classified report finds

Other coverage
As the Blanco River raged, a Wimberley couple held on for dear life
Grand jurors offended by Rick Perry suggestion indictment was political
Perry veto killed investigation into no-bid border security contracts
Ted Cruz takes his brand of conservatism to New Hampshire

The Seattle Times

Mental health investigation
Hundreds of dangerously mentally ill residents released on technicalities
‘Boarding’ mentally ill becoming epidemic in state
Parents of slain mentally ill man lobby for broader treatment laws
Impact: Official resigns after scrutiny and Fewer patients released without help

Mudslide coverage
Heartbreaking search intensifies in mudslide zone
New fire chief being tested by disaster
Days after slide, state firefighters panel worried about ‘fractured’ response

Political coverage
Washington ballot issues draw unprecedented out-of-state cash
Months after election, McKenna campaign fund kept spending
Same-sex weddings usher in new era in Washington state

Education coverage
As parents raise cash, schools confront big gap
Not-so-special treatment in Seattle of special education
Last-chance high school serves Seattle’s toughest to teach